December 11, 2018

Blender: vse proxy generator

If You use blender as video editor you probably doing a lot of manual work to setup and rebuild strip proxies (Proxy/timecode) in Sequencer. Been there, tired to do that!

In order to build proxy for all you strips just paste this code in bledner text editor and press 'run script':

import bpy

def proxy_gen_all(proxy_sizes=[25], force=False):
    """ Rebuilds proxies for all strips"""
    for scene in
        seqs = scene.sequence_editor.sequences_all

        for seq in seqs:
            # operate only on MOVIE strips
            if seq.type == 'MOVIE':
                seq.use_proxy = True
                # if we pregenerate proxies in parallel externally
                if force:
                    seq.proxy.use_overwrite = True
                if 25 in proxy_sizes:
                    seq.proxy.build_25 = True

                if 50 in proxy_sizes:
                    seq.proxy.build_50 = True
                if 75 in proxy_sizes:
                    seq.proxy.build_75 = True

                if 100 in proxy_sizes:
                    seq.proxy.build_100 = True
                seq.proxy.use_overwrite = False
proxy_gen_all([25, 50])

The script will build 25% and 50% proxies for all strips. It will not rebuild proxies if you run it again. Proxy building is time consuming task and unfortunately it blocks blender UI. So if you want to force rebuild the proxies you can just replace last line with this:

proxy_gen_all([25, 50], True)

Second argument forces rebuild of all proxies.

Have fun!